Facebook Activists Call for Releasing Ayman Nour on Revolution Anniversary
Facebook Activists Call for Releasing Ayman Nour on Revolution Anniversary
Sunday, June 29,2008 04:28

Egyptian Facebook activists called for the release of Dr. Ayman Nour on July 23 coinciding with the celebrations of Revolution Anniversary.
The facebook group publishes several news feeds about the imprisoned politician, the latest reports that Nour is currently suffering from exceptionally high temperature and that prison officials refuse to give him access to treatment.
Nour has been arrested for almost three years in which he suffered from many harrassments including denying treatment by the security authorities, giving him wrong remedies that led to the rupture of the eyes" arteries, refusing to allow a necessary heart operation, battery, and banning him from writing.
Nour has established Al-Ghad Party in 2000 that has been ratified by the Parties Affairs Committee. He was detained many times early in the 1980s. He worked as a journalist and joined the Journalists Syndicate. He remained the deputy editor-in-chief of Al-Wafd Newspaper for many years. He worked as a journalist and lawyer at the same time after the Constitutional Court decree allowing the combination of tow unions. He has been a Member of Parliament for Bab Al-Shaerya constituency.
After being charged with forging the party’s subscriptions, he was sentenced for five years in December 24, 2005. Nour, who has been the highest competitor in the recent Presidency elections, denied this charge.