Further Security Harassment against MB Parliamentary Candidates
Further Security Harassment against MB Parliamentary Candidates
Thursday, July 10,2008 16:39

 In their press conference at the MB parliamentary bloc premises Tuesday, MB candidates in Alexandria Mahmoud Awad and Saad El-Sayed said that they are provocatively watched by detectives and policemen whether in their houses or during electoral campaigns. There is intensive security presence before famous mosques as well as harassments during electoral marches.


MB candidates called for an amendment to the constitution to allow for judiciary supervision on the elections, ensuring complete freedom for the candidates to hold conferences and organize tours and marches, and restraining security forces from interference in elections.


Lawyer Khalaf Bayomi expressed his astonishment at the sudden timing of the ministry of interior’s declaration of resuming elections in two of the six suspended constituencies that will begin on July 13th 2008.


Khalaf added that the deputy security director held a meeting with candidates and restricted electoral tours, marches, using loudspeakers, and even walking in certain streets and threatened to use the emergency law against opponents.


“The MB decided to resume the electoral battle and encourage the people to interact and acquire political awareness, although we completely reject the sudden timing and the cancellation of judicial supervision on the vote," Awad said.


Awad added that security officials refused to hand the MB candidates a copy of the voter’s list or to allow for an MB electoral conference.


He pointed out that the people have been deprived since 2005 of a legislative representative to voice their concerns and problems.


El-Sayed indicated that restrictions and withdrawal of many candidates will neither frustrate the MB nor discourage them from pursuing their reform agenda.

"We will continue our resistance against corruption and electoral fraud, though this election is different from previous ones because it lacks judicial supervision which is the only factor that can guarantee its transparency."