Abu Baraka Rejects Appointment of MPs at Public Posts
Abu Baraka Rejects Appointment of MPs at Public Posts
Tuesday, August 5,2008 04:35

Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka (member of the Legislative Committee at People"s Assembly) expressed his endorsement of the legal fatwa of the General Assembly of Fatwa and Legislation at the State Council which supported the CAA Chief’s decision about the ineligibility of MPs to hold public posts during their membership.


He said that this will prevent the members from abuse of power. He also agreed with what is stipulated by Article 28 of Law 120 of the People’s Assembly in 1980, about the illegitimacy of appointing the PA’s member in governmental jobs, in the public sector or in foreign companies during their parliamentary term.

The CAA chief requested a legal fatwa from the State Council about the legality of MP Ashraf Fathalla"s objection to CCA’s order to cancel his appointment in Beheira Water and Drainage Company in which he was working by a temporary contract before entering the People"s Assembly.