Farhaan Denounces Double-Standards in Dealing with Palestinian Leaders
Farhaan Denounces Double-Standards in Dealing with Palestinian Leaders
Tuesday, August 5,2008 10:21

Former Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front in Jordan Dr. Isaac Al-Farhaan has called upon the government to treat Hamas and Fath equally without bias, he said in a statement Tuesday.


Farhaan said the Jordanian government should welcome Hamas leaders in Jordan the same way Fath leaders are being received, so as to deepen dialogue between both parties and settle their disputes.


He called on King Abdullah of Jordan to let the country be open before them all without yielding to foreign pressures in order to counter Israeli hegemony.


“We expect that the Palestinian national unity-based cabinet headed by Ismael Haneyya and the Jordanian government would manage to communicate regardless of disputes. The Jordanians do reject Israeli pressures”, Farhaan said.


He stated that Hamas never interfered in Jordan’s interior affairs to be restricted from visiting Amman and that both parties should be equally treated without restrictions or bias.


“I hope Ismael Haneyya and the government of Jordan could meet same like the meeting with Fatah leaders since Hamas has never interfered in our internal affairs; all Jordanians including the Brotherhood support the Palestinian cause without having any international organizational relations with any political parties,” he asserted.


He called on the Arab League and Arab and Islamic countries to cooperate hand-in-hand and call on Hamas and Fatah movements to hold immediate dialogue to settle their disputes and reconsider the Palestinian issue the issue for all Arabs and Muslims.



“There’re certain peace treaties between Israel and Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan; however such treaties are against the Arab unity. The Arab League should seriously interfere and end up the disputes ignited between Hamas and Fatah and protect the Palestinian rights,” He added.