Habib Clarifies MB Stance Towards Saad-el-din Ibrahim Sentence
Habib Clarifies MB Stance Towards Saad-el-din Ibrahim Sentence
Thursday, August 7,2008 11:33

Commenting on the verdict against Saad El Din Ibrahim, MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said on Thursday in a statement to Ikhwanweb,


“We reaffirm our support for anybody’s right to freedom of expression. Regardless of  the convicted and the context of the case, we believe that every human being is entitled to be concerned about public issues and to freely express his/her views. But we also believe that this right should be guaranteed within the framework of preserving national interests, and without seeking any form of foreign interference that may jeopardize Egypt’s national interests.”


Ikhwanweb has previously published a story expressing our solidarity with the case of Professor Ibrahim whose trial was apparently politically motivated and another attempt to silence opposition voices.


Our posting was not an official MB press release, but it was a sign of our website’s solidarity with everyone whose freedom of expression is threatened by any means of crackdown, which does not contradict with MB official stances on the general issue of freedom of expression regardless of our stance towards the victims.