Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Clarifies Controversy Around U.S. Brotherhood
Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Clarifies Controversy Around U.S. Brotherhood
Thursday, August 28,2008 01:20
By Mariam Ali

The interview with Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Habib published in Pajamas media on Sunday has stimulated several debates about the existence of the so called “Muslim Brotherhood fronts” in the US. Because the interview was misinterpreted by some observers, Dr. Habib responded with the following statement to Ikhwanweb,


“There are certain individuals in the U.S. and in other parts of the world who adopt the moderate Islamic ideology. We consider these individuals Muslim Brotherhood advocates because they endorse a similar ideology to ours. However, these individuals are not part of the organizational structure of our movement in Egypt.


Some of them take part in Islamic institutions or charities in the U.S. or other countries, some others don’t. But the common ground among them is that they all work within the framework of the U.S. constitution and law, and they are all keen on serving their American society in which they live, based on their faith in their duty to carry out a positive role in the nation to which they belong. Part of that role too is to spread a positive image about Islam.


Therefore I would like to emphasize that there are no ties, links, coordination, or directions between the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and these individuals or any institutions in which some Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. have an active role. There are no membership or coordination links with any individuals in the world who adopt our way of thinking."