IOF troops kidnapped 70 Palestinians from Nablus in August
IOF troops kidnapped 70 Palestinians from Nablus in August
Friday, September 5,2008 06:07

The Israeli occupation forces kidnapped 70 Palestinians from Nablus city during the past month of August, Tadamun institute for human rights said on Wednesday.


It noted that among the abductees was municipal council member Majda Fidda, who was kidnapped from her home after IOF troops ransacked it in a violent search operation.


Tadamun condemned the escalating IOF arrest campaign in lines of Nablus inhabitants, and urged the international community and human rights organizations to assume their responsibilities in this regard.


IOF soldiers at dawn Wednesday rounded up six citizens in Nablus suburbs including two brothers after wreaking havoc in their homes.


In another atrocity, the Palestinian child Ismail Ulayan, who was kidnapped by IOF troops on 19/6/2008, said that soldiers beat him up after arresting him and throwing him under their feet in the army jeep.


He told the Palestinian prisoner"s club that he was insulted and humiliated after which he was subjected to a strip search in Askalan jail before being forced to sit in an awkward position for 24 hours.