MB Defense Submits Challenge of Military Verdicts
MB Defense Submits Challenge of Military Verdicts
Monday, September 8,2008 21:26

Defense panel of Muslim Brotherhood leaders who received jail sentences in the latest military tribunal submitted the challenge documents to the Military Prosecution on Sunday.


The challenge is against the verdict issued in case (no 2 for 2006, higher military tribunal) which culminated on April 15 with verdicts between three to ten years in jail after 75 sessions in a period of one year and a half.


The dense panel has decided to challenge the verdicts before the Higher Military Court for  Challenges saying “the defendants have received unjust verdicts, and they were acquitted by the normal civilian judge, and the military court did not offer them a fair trial, which makes it a moral obligation for us to pursue every possible legal channel to lift injustice and apply the rule of law.”


The lawyers added in their statement that the decision to challenge the verdicts aims at supporting institutional work through defending the rule of law against the flagrant violations that were committed by the military court. They reaffirmed their commitment to law as a sign of their belief in their constitutional rights and advocating them by all possible means.


The statement added that the military tribunals against MB leaders were merely political trials that have nothing to do with the rule of law.


“Despite the flagrant violations in the case, we are optimistic as long as there are still civilian judges who are keen on achieving justice.”


The statement also read that MB lawyers will continue their struggle against referring civilians to military courts so as to advocate judicial independence, the only guarantee of the judiciary’s commitment to justice.