Pakistan Islamic Group: Zardari Wants To Show U.S. He is Another Ally in the “War on Terror”
Pakistan Islamic Group: Zardari Wants To Show U.S. He is Another Ally in the “War on Terror”
Wednesday, September 10,2008 00:56
By Mustafa Radwan

Abdul Gaffar Aziz (Deputy Leader of the Pakistani Islamic Group) said in an interview with Ikhwanweb that Asef Zardari (the newly elected Pakistani President) wants to prove to the U.S. that he and the People"s Party are the best allies in the so-called  war on terror.


Aziz revealed the fact that Zardari did not have similar authorities during the life of his wife Benazir Bhutto who has signed an agreement with the United States, and proved to them that Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan"s former President) is no longer capable of fighting terrorism. Then, Zardari sent Youssef Reda Jilani (The Prime Minister ) to Washington to hold a conference with Bush in which he said that Bush"s war against terrorism is Pakistan’s war too.


Aziz warned of the sacrificing of Pakistani national interests for the sake of American desires. He also denounced the existence of American soldiers on Pakistani territories for the first time in the history of
Pakistan. American soldiers were only satisfied with breaking the airspace and bombing some border areas, he said.

Aziz strenuously denounced the holding of a press conference by Zardari after his constitutional oath of office with President of Afghanistan Hamed Karzai, whom Aziz described as “a symbol of treason” because of his implementation of
U.S. policies. Aziz added that the conference sounds like a message by Zardari to the Americans that he would become another Karzai.


“Despite all that, we don’t want to judge the government very early, but still it did not give any positive impressions till now,” Aziz told Ikhwanweb.

Aziz pointed out that Zardari is bearing heavy responsibilities. He described him as “one of the most powerful heads of Pakistan” because of his domination of People’s Party that controls the government, chooses the prime minister, signs agreements with other parties and cancels them, in addition to his presidency. Thus he is responsible for all these national institutions and he must assume his duty.


Asef Ali Zardari, the new Pakistani President , has taken the constitutional oath before the chief of the Supreme Judicial Council, and Pakistani parliamentarians chose him as President of Pakistan after obtaining 479 votes out of 702 ,while his competitor Saeed Al-Zaman Seddiqi scored 153 votes.


Zardari is exposed to severe pressures by Pakistani opposition which demands him to cancel the constitutional amendments, introduced by Musharraf, which include giving the President powers to dissolve Parliament, and also to retract some appointments that were granted by Musharraf in some judicial and military posts.