Egyptian Security Closes Al-Jazeera School, Despite Having License
Egyptian Security Closes Al-Jazeera School, Despite Having License
Wednesday, September 17,2008 06:04

Egyptian security authorities closed Al-Jazeera private School in Alexandria located at 21.5 km of Alexandria- Matrouh road. The school was closed on Tuesday September 16, a few moments before Iftar, where the security authorities have cordoned the school putting chains on its gates.

Talaat Fahmy (the school owner) said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the school is working according to judicial decision after the Egyptian authorities had demolished it in 2005 in its old location (26.5km of Alexandria- Matrouh road.) He added that the judiciary decided to resume the work in the alternative location, which the school has already done in 2008.

Fahmy accused the authorities of doing many attempts to demolish the alternative sites but the judiciary issued a decision to cancel the demolition at the beginning of the last academic year.


“The decision is an arbitrary step by state security forces with no legal grounds whatsoever,” he said.


Students and parents were forcefully prevented by police forces Wednesday morning from entering the school campus. Parents say that they were told by police that the school has already been closed down, and that they have to enroll for their children in another school.


The fall semester has already begun last Monday.


Fahmy confirmed that the judicial decision stressed on treating the school like other schools, confirming that he will resort to the judiciary once again to regain his right.
Egyptian authorities have worked hard in targeting several educational institutions including
Al-Jazeera School which Egyptian authorities are still trying to close down despite the judicial decisions.