Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Damascus Bombing
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Damascus Bombing
Saturday, September 27,2008 05:24

General Supervisor of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Ali Bayanouni denounced in a statement to Ikhwanweb the car bombing that hit the Syrian capital Damascus on Saturday leaving at least 17 killed, all of whom are civilians.


 Bayanouni dismissed the attack as “a criminal act” and offered his condolences to families  of the victims.


Bayanouni said that the Syrian regime’s “authoritarianism” and “terrorism” against its citizens drives some of the disaffected sections in the society towards radicalism, citing the example of  the recent Sednaya prison riots in which authorities dealt very violently with prisoners.  


Seventeen civilians were killed and 14 were injured in Damascus in a car bombing Saturday. The Syrian Minister of Interior dismissed the bombing as “a terrorist attack.” The bombing took place near the tomb of Zeinab, a popular district among Shiite pilgrims from Iran, Lebanon and Iraq.