Itsa MB Nominee To Enter Complimentary Parliament Elections
Itsa MB Nominee To Enter Complimentary Parliament Elections
Sunday, October 5,2008 04:58
By Duaa Wagdy

Fayyoum MB nominee for the Itsa district Othman Diab (blue collar) confirmed that he will be entering the 2005 complimentary parliament elections to be held in the district on Sunday October, 12 after he was informed by the Fayyoum Security Division of the election date.
Diab had entered the 2007 Shura Council elections in which he was detained along with his son and a number of other family members.
Diab pointed out that he was called into the State Security headquarters where he was threatened to withdraw from the elections asserting that, despite the pressure practiced against him, he will not forsake his right to enter the elections.
MB Bandar district Representative Kamal El-Din Nur expressed concern, from his part, over electoral integrity especially after the constitutional amendments and ruling out of judicial supervision of elections.
It is mentioned that the 2005 parliamentary elections of Itsa had ended with the success of MB nominee Ahmad Sultan receiving the highest number of votes and was frozen since his death.