Detainments To Pressure MB To Step Back From Hamada Case
Sunday, October 5,2008 14:57
By Mustafa Radwan

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Khalaf Bayyoumi, Lawyer of the MB in Alexandria, described the detainment of 11 people including Al-Jazeera School Owner Tal"at Fahmi as an attempt to pressure the MB to step back from the case of Hamada Abd El-Latif who was subjected to brutal torture at the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Al-Sayyed Mohamed Al-Sayyed (Deputy Officer of Mina El-Basal Division) which caused him to suffer quadriplegia.  Khalaf explained that these detainments were expected under the growing media momentum of Hamada"s case.


Those who were arrested Sunday at dawn, October 5 included:  Mohamed Hafidh (MB nominee in the last municipal elections for Muntazah district zone 1), Naser Kamel (El-Dakheelah), Ashraf Abd El-Aziz (Muharram Beik), Salah Madani (Sidi Bishr), Hosni Gibril (Al-Raml), Mohamed Salem (Al-"Agami), Mustafa El-Maddah (El-Mandara), and Sa"eed Abd El-Fattah (Sidi Bishr).


Formerly, an administrative decision had been issued by the Governor of Alexandria to close the school which falls 19.3 km down the road to Alexandria.  This was followed by an administrative judicial court decision in Alexandria to stop execution of the decision and accept the lawsuit filed by Tal"at Fahmy against the Minister of Education, Governor of Alexandria, and the "Ameriyyah Chief District Manager. The school, however, remains under siege from security forces.