Evidence Shows TV Anchor Bilal Mohamed Was Assaulted by Police
Evidence Shows TV Anchor Bilal Mohamed Was Assaulted by Police
Monday, October 13,2008 03:07
By Heba Mustafa

A medical report released by Ahli Bank Hospital confirmed that the injuries of the TV anchor Bilal Mohamed Abdel-Rahman resulted from physical assault and that the treatment period will last more than 20 days.


Mohamed, el Nas Channel anchor, entered the hospital on Saturday at 3 p.m. after being allegedly assualted and knocked unconscious by police agents during investigations.


In spite of the apparent cover-up by polic, Ikhwan Online was able to obtain a video of the incident recorded by Abdul-Rahman Tal’at who was picked up by state security agents and detained while on his way back from the Egyptian Ahli Bank Hospital.


The video clip shows Mohamed in a condition of extreme exhaustion narrating the details of his torture at the hands of an intelligence officer named Naser, with the State Security force in Mit Ghamr. Officer Naser has led the police force which raided the house of  Abdel-Rahman El-Barr, Professor of Hadith and Its Sciences at Azhar University in Mansoura, arresting him along with a group of visitors among them was the TV anchor Bilal Mohamed.


Mohamed stated that during his detention he asked officer Naser to show him the permit of his arrest, but the officer allgedly went on beating rampage instead, breaking his ribs and causing multiple bruises and contusions all over his body and knocking him unconscious.


Mohamed added that the prison officer refused to have him getting checked by the prison doctor claiming that there were no "apparent" injuries!


Mohamed is now held at the Qasr El-Einy hospital under strict police surveillance while his health is deteriorating.