Detainment Term Extended For Al-Jazeerah School Detainees
Detainment Term Extended For Al-Jazeerah School Detainees
Monday, October 20,2008 02:52


The prosecution of West Alexandria decided yesterday, October 19, to extend the detention term for the 23 teachers and parents of Al-Jazeerah School students in another 15 days.


Those whose detention was extended are:  Al-Jazeerah School Owner Tal"at Fahmy, MB municipal candidate for Muntazah 1st district Mohamed Hafidh, Mohamed Kamel from Dakheela, Ashraf Abdul-Aziz from Muharram Beik, Salah Madani, Mas"ud Gaber, and Sa"id Abdul-Fattah from Sidi Bishr, Hosni Gabril and Rabi" Abdul-Qadir from Raml, Mohamed Salem from "Agami, Mustafa El-Maddah from Mandarah, Galal Nada, Ahmad Abdul-Latif, Mohamed El-Ghannam, Mamdouh Hussein Abd El-"Al, Ayman Qandil, Mohamed Abdul-Wahab, Mohamed Abdel-Samad, Amr Badruddin, Maher Ahmad Abdel-Ghaffar, Hussein Mohamed Ezzeddin, Abdullah Naguib, and Hisham Mohamed Monir.


Security forces had besieged the parents and their children in front of the school on September 16, 2008 to prevent them from entering as they shut it down and hung up a sign telling parents to head to the school"s administration to retrieve their children"s files and transfer them to another school.


Despite the judiciary decision for the school to resume its activity, the security insisted on its stance and assaulted the teachers and parents of the students, including the citizen Hamada Abdul-Latif who suffered quadriplegia as a result, and detained some of them.


Al-Jazeerah school was established in the Abu Talat area in Alexandria and was removed by bulldozers on charges of construction violations, in spite of all of "Agami"s buildings being built illegally.  As a result, security detained the School Head.