E-Campaign Against Police Violations At Faiyum
E-Campaign Against Police Violations At Faiyum
Monday, October 27,2008 13:02

Defense panel of those detained due to participating in the Anti-Gaza Siege Campaign in cooperation with Faiyum Internet Bloggers League in Faiyum launched an electronic rights campaign at the level of the NGOs titled "Who Stops Violations of This officer?"

This e-campaign was launched against Officer Amer Abdul Maqssoud, vice commissioner of Sannouras police station in Faiyum. Organizers prepared a comprehensive file covering miserable persecuted people affiliated to this police station; particularly the recent one in which Abdul Maqssoud denied the access of food, clothes, and medications to the 17 ones held in custody.

Mustafa Mahmoud, member of the e-campaign and of the defense panel, said "this officer was a former football player at Tersana Club. He devastated many homes at the village of Gebila at Sannouras city without even allowing for the people to discharge their belongings. However, he doesn"t destroy the houses of some other people with whom he has joint interests even under removal warrants".

Mahmoud added "the officer severely persecutes the political detainees and deny them the access of food, covers, or medicines to curry favor with the state security officers. Ironically, this officer was honored by the Interior Minister for his efforts exerted in torturing the people and muzzling any free voice in Sannouras city; especially during the recent parliamentary elections during which he was the hero who arrested more than 250 ones and put them in El Arab Prison at Faiom. He also injured nearly 70 Egyptians".