MB Candidate In Kafr el-Sheikh Stands For "People’s Assembly" Supplementary Elections
MB Candidate In Kafr el-Sheikh Stands For
Thursday, October 30,2008 15:48

Dr. Hassan Abu Sheishaa, MB candidate in the elections of 2005 of Kafr el-Sheikh constituency, confirmed his standing for the supplementary elections of the constituency which are scheduled to be in November 10, the next.

People"s Assembly elections in Kafr el-Sheikh constituency has been postponed since 2005 on the background of the challenge of one of the candidates against elections, that was because he was not included in the electoral lists.

Ikhwanweb was informed that there are pressures exerted on 21 candidates to waive for the interest of the NDP candidates, and a pressure is also exerted on other candidates to free the stage for the National Party candidates.

The previous elections have ended by the repetition between MB candidate Dr. Hassan Abu Sheishaa (14,500 votes) and the NDP candidate Ashraf Abdel Al Wanees (8,000 votes), and between the independent candidate Faraj Al Samahi "workers" (6,500 votes) and the NDP candidate Al Sayed Shams Addin "workers" (5,500 votes).