Abdul Rahman Albarr And Nine Media Figures Reimprisoned For 15 Days
Abdul Rahman Albarr And Nine Media Figures Reimprisoned For 15 Days
Sunday, November 2,2008 08:40

Presided by Judge Hisham El Badawi, State Security Prosecution of the 5th Complex district renewed prison decisions on Sunday November 12th for Abdurrahman Abdul- Barr; professor of Hadith and its Sciences at the faculty of Usul El Din and Da`wah (Principles of religion and Da`wah), Walid Mustafa Bakri (Cairo), Walid Mohamed El Geneedi (Giza), Khalid Hamid Mohamed (Ben Sewaif), Mohamed Ashraf Abdul Aal (Cairo), Bilal Mohamed Abdurrahman and Walid Abdulfattah (Cairo), Khalid Abu El Magd and Dr. Hussein Abdul- Azim (Monufyia), and Yusuf Talaat for 15 days.

State security prosecution ordered on Saturday October 18th the renewal of prison decisions for Abdul- Barr and others on charges of joining the outlawed Brotherhood and utilizing the satellite channels for promoting the Brotherhood"s ideologies.

Professor Abdurrahman Abdul- Bar and his companions were arrested on Sunday October 10th, 2008 when a state security force stormed into the house of Abdul- Barr in the presence of the media figures who were their basically to film a TV show with the professor.

State security encroached upon Bilal Mohamed Abdurrahman (interviewer at El Nas and El Hafiz satellite channel) by a state security officer leading to fractures of Bilal"s thoracic cavity. Afterwards, they were all kept in a security camp. Bilal still suffers from a deteriorating health.