Assaults Against Zagazig MB Students, Other Six Investigated In Faiyum
Assaults Against Zagazig MB Students, Other Six Investigated In Faiyum
Monday, November 3,2008 17:25
By Mostafa Radwan

Fifteen MB students at Zagazig University were assaulted against at the hands of thugs escorted by state security officers and the appointed student union leading to severe fractures and injuries due to commencing "Outstanding Morals" campaign.

Tariq El Gabril; spokesperson of the Brotherhood student at the university, told Ikhwanweb that the MB affiliates suffer from security harassment and provocation; especially when the campaign students stood before Nursing Faculty. Further, security and its supporters harassed the female students; however the male commanded themselves and did not react negatively with the shameless event.

Engineering faculty administration at Faiyum University referred six students to probes due to raising ethics- oriented banners.

The investigated students were: Hamada Fathi, Ramadan Helmi, Ramadan Abdul Tawwab, Abdullah Gamal, Mahmoud Sayed, and Mohamed Saladin.

They were probed due to participating in a demo against forging the Students" Union election. Also, two students were expelled from the faculty last week for the same charge.

Zagazig and Faiyum Universities are the most among the Egyptian universities to violate the students" rights through arrests, disciplinary boards, or dismissal since the outset of the school year.