Let Palestinians study campaign slams Egypt for barring students from travel
Let Palestinians study campaign slams Egypt for barring students from travel
Thursday, November 6,2008 23:55

The campaign "let Palestinians study" which was formed by the British union of student councils expressed on Wednesday its dismay and shock at the Egyptian authorities for preventing hundreds of students in the Gaza Strip from joining their universities outside the Strip.

In a statement received by the PIC, the campaign said that what happened last Tuesday at the Rafah border crossing exceeded all ethical considerations especially as the Gaza authorities verified all students" documents and everything was going on according to the established procedures

Bilavia Adi, a member of the campaign, underlined that the campaign collected dozens of statements about humiliating students as they stayed at the Egyptian borders from Tuesday morning until the next day.

Adi added that the Egyptian authorities normally transfer students in an unacceptable way to the airport and make them stay there for long hours until their planes take off, but this time they returned the students to Gaza preventing them from traveling to their universities in Europe.

The campaign member pointed out that the campaign will make written appeals to a number of parties including the UN secretary-general and Arab and international student unions.

In a statement received by the PIC, Ihab Al-Ghussein, the spokesman for the interior ministry, said that the number of passengers who left Gaza through the Rafah crossing during the past two days amounted to 2,326 citizens, adding that the Egyptian authorities returned 704 of them to the Strip, most of them were students.