Postponing Case Of Selling Alexandria University To December 23
Postponing Case Of Selling Alexandria University To December 23
Friday, November 7,2008 13:59

Administrative Judiciary Court headed by Chancellor Mohamed Attiya, decided today to postpone the lawsuit, filed by a number of university professors to stop the decision of the minister of higher education to transfer and sell Alexandria University, to the next meeting on December  23.

Dr. Salah Sadeq, the plaintiff"s lawyer, displayed during the pleading, some paragraphs of the minutes of Alexandria University administration"s meeting which emphasizes the strategies of transferring the university which the university administration renounced, and he also provided documents showing the conspiratorial approach – as he put it - played by: Dr. Ismail Serage Addin, director of  Alexandria Library, Mohamed Ali Al Abbar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of (Iamaar) Company, and Shafiq Gabr, Vice-president of the Board of Directors of the company, to sell Alexandria University, after an agreement between them was signed in this regard in Sharm el-Sheikh, saying: "Then they celebrated on the body of Alexandria University."

Dr Omar Abdul Aziz Al Sabakhni, a professor in the Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria University, has refuted before the court, the university administration"s claim of the adjacency of the university buildings; which impedes the process of development, pointing out that the reality is that all universities have the same adjacency, and that Egyptian universities are based on the system that faculties have administrations and operating system different from one college to another, which does not cause any obstruction for the process of development.

He also confirmed that Alexandria University is an essential and important part of the city of Alexandria, moreover, its buildings are considered one of the monuments that must be preserved from the harm of those businessmen and contractors who wish to transfer it to resorts to gain millions and billions.