1 Killed, 1 Injured In Another Estate Collapse in Alexandria
1 Killed, 1 Injured In Another Estate Collapse in Alexandria
Sunday, November 9,2008 04:51

One person was killed and another injured after building number 16 on Ibn Mas"oud Street in Karmouz, Alexandria, the property of Abdul-Mageed Ahmed Khatir"s heirs, collapsed this morning.

Upon notification, Head of Alexandria Security Major General Khairy Mousa immediately dispatched civil defense forces, ambulances, and security chiefs to the site of the incident. Also, governorate and Gharb neighborhood officials were notified. No one was found under the ruins; however, rescue operations and removal of ruins are still in process.

It was obvious that the collapsed building was old. But the collapse had occurred when the first floor ceiling collapsed on the ground floor"s as a group of workers for the contractor Tharwat Abdul-Mu"ty Kamel were tearing down the building"s last floor.

The 80 meter square building consisted of a ground floor that was used as a horse stable, and two upper floors each holding one apartment made of wooden ceilings and supporting walls.

There had been no residents in the neighborhood. However, Fawzy Mansour, a 45-year-old worker in the horse stable, was killed with severe injuries all over his body and was moved to the Koum El-Dikka autopsy room as one of the workers who had been tearing down the building was suffered mild fractures and bruises, and his conditions are o.k.

Gharb neighborhood Chief Abdullah Hijab had previously issued a decision ordering the complete removal of the building as several violations had been written against its owners who did not comply.

The Gharb prosecution issued a decision to bury the dead corpse and form a committee of engineers to explain the reasons behind the collapse.