Does Obama’s Success Represent A Civilization Value?
Does Obama’s Success Represent A Civilization Value?
Sunday, November 9,2008 08:09
By Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat

Addressing the American people in his election campaign, Obama focused on arousing human values in realizing the American dream.  These values include hard work and determination manifested in the story of his mother’s life struggle which earned her and her son being the opportunity to reach a social status enabling Obama to demonstrate a great civilization value which is the non-discrimination against people on the basis of their color. 

Obama was able to overcome the "Bradley Effect" which revealed the racism that remained deep inside white Americans, in spite of blacks’ rights being restored in appearance, which drove them to vote against the black candidate.

It is no doubt that the psychological obstacle, which has been overcome by the majority of Americans, is a civilization value that Islam had preached long ago since Allah addressed mankind of all colors and religions, men and women, rich and poor, strong and weak, saying, "O you mankind, surely We created you of a male and a female, and We have made you races and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted. Surely the most honorable among you in the Providence of Allah are the most pious; surely Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Cognizant (El-Hujurat:13)."

Discrimination against others on the basis of color was an old phenomenon in the Jahilliyyah period (a pre-Islamic pagan period in which ignorant practices were prevalent) which Allah had removed from the hearts of the nation’s people through the message of Islam, according to Prophet Mohamed, leaving only two kinds of people:  the pious and the transgressor.

Once when one of the Prophet’s companions had been driven by anger to make fun of Bilal’s color (a companion of the Prophet who was black) the Prophet warned and reprimanded him describing his behavior as ignorant.  The Prophet represented the noblest example of and role model in equality, justice, and the emotions of love and appreciation that he showed to others.

Indeed, it had been a civilization human value emphasized by the Prophet in his farewell speech in which he told the people that no race or color is better than the other and that the best in the eyes of God are the pious.  

Choosing Obama was for Americans’ national interest which is to survive as the world’s leader on the basis of their ideals which would thus enable them to enjoy the greatest amount of the world’s goods.  At the same time they Americans chose Obama to restore America’s good image in the eyes of the world after politicians had tarnished it ruining American relations with many of the world’s countries by means of the destructive and oppressive wars that were waged.

Democratic and Republican politicians have equally contributed to these wars through spreading a culture of discrimination against Muslims after the September 11th attack, despite Muslim world’s complete condemnation of the act upon which the U.S. waged unjust wars against Afghanistan and Iraq under the excuse of combating terrorism.  The U.S. also contributed, through unlimited support to Israel and pressure on Arab governments, to the continuance of the siege on and extermination of Palestinians, a matter which incited the hatred of the Arab-Muslim world against the U.S. Hence, American military haughtiness had killed the high-esteem people once held for the U..S., replacing it instead with doubts and suspicion.

Obama’s success represents an overcoming of the obstacle of discrimination on the basis of color, an important civilization value. However, will it have any other impacts on the status quo or change American practices?  Only the future can answer this question, keeping in mind that the Israeli Ram Emanuel, a former volunteer in the Israeli army, is the person appointed as Obama’s major consultant, making him the highest-ranking White House official.    

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat: MB Secretary General