Knesset MP calls for making lives of Gaza people insufferable
Knesset MP calls for making lives of Gaza people insufferable
Sunday, November 16,2008 15:54

Gideon Ezra, a member of the Knesset for Kadima and a former minister of internal security, called on the Israeli government to tighten the noose on the Gaza Strip"s people and make their lives intolerable.

"We must use the means available to make the lives of Gaza residents difficult as long as the lives of the inhabitants of villages and cities surrounding the Strip are unbearable because of the repeated Palestinian rocket attacks," Ezra told the Hebrew radio.

The Israeli official called on his government to enforce its decision to fortify the buildings in the Israeli settlements around Gaza, noting that this decision does not include all settlements.

For his part, Gideon Sa"er, the head of the Likud parliamentary bloc, called on the government not only to utter words but to act and implement the pledges it made, pointing out that Hamas is the party which determines the rules and pace of the game.

In another related context, Dr. Mohamed Hanoun, a founding member of the European campaign to lift the siege, condemned the Israeli practices against Gaza as a real "war of extermination" against one and a half million Palestinians.

Dr. Hanoun underlined that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is extremely tragic and contrary to what is seen in the media.

The Hebrew radio reported that Israeli war minister Ehud Barak decided to retain Gaza crossings closed at the pretext of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli settlements.

The Palestinian resistance fired rockets on Israeli settlements and military posts in retaliation to the Israeli military assaults carried out recently on Gaza which led to the death of 16 Palestinians.

The only Gaza power station has stopped operating for several days and consequently large areas of Gaza plunged into darkness while the UNRWA announced a halt to its relief operations in the Strip.