Bassam: Restricting Acquitted MB Leaders’ Movement a Political Decision
Bassam: Restricting Acquitted MB Leaders’ Movement a Political Decision
Wednesday, November 19,2008 04:05
By Hamza Mohamed

Dr. Amir Bassam, acquitted MB Professor of Medicine confirmed in statements to Ikhwanweb that the ban on movement imposed on other acquitted MB leaders from the latest military tribunal case had not been lifted yet despite the fact that they obtained acquittal rulings.

Bassam added that the military deputy did not issue what confirms their innocence, so they are deprived of their right to travel or deal with banks or dispose of their money.

He dismissed the delay in issuing the decision of lifting the ban on movement as a political decision because the rulings issued against the detainees were as a result of unfair military rulings, and that they used the logic of force, not the logic of law, as these rulings have no justification, as he put it.

The military court in Huckstep east of Cairo had issued its ruling in April to imprison five leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have been referred to the military court and are living outside Egypt, for 10 years in jail, and they are: Youssef Nada, Tawfeeq Al Waeeiy, Ghaleb Himmat, Ibrahim Farouk Al-Zayat, and Fathi Ahmed al-Kholy. The court also decided to imprison both Khairat Al-Shater, the second Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the businessman Hassan Malek for seven years, in addition to imprisoning 12 defendants for three years, and other six for five years, while it decided to acquit 15 others.