Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Insists on Palestinians’ Right to Return
Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Insists on Palestinians’ Right to Return
Monday, November 24,2008 05:08

Press statements

On "The Right to Return" Conference

Damascus, November 23-24, 2008 

In a press statement, MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed Habib confirmed that Palestinians" right to return to their homelands and restore their possessions is an authentic and legitimate one that should not be compromised, ignored, or violated no matter what. 

Habib pointed out that the Palestinian people"s misfortune of separation which has exceeded 60 years is a shame on humanity in general and on the world and Arab-Islamic leaders in particular and a matter unacceptable to any legislation, religion, law, or human morals.  Habib further called on all people, especially the Arab and Muslim people and their vital forces in addition to the rest of the free peoples of the world to sincerely and truly strive towards restoring these misplaced peoples" homes and homeland.

Habib also saluted the participants in the "Right to Return" conference held in the Syrian capital, Damascus, who confirm in their annual meeting their insistence on spelling out the world"s responsibilities towards this right, and refusing the plans and conspiracies that belittle it.

Moreover, Habib called on the participants to form an institution similar to the Quds institution that would be concerned with this matter and expand into several branches around the world.

Habib confirmed that he is certain that Palestinians" right to return will be realized as it is an eternal and legitimate right no power in the world can rule out.  Habib also pointed to the importance of patching up the Palestinian split as a major means towards realizing the hopes, ambitions, and rights of the struggling Palestinian people.