Bashour: There are efforts to send a Lebanese relief ship to Gaza
Bashour: There are efforts to send a Lebanese relief ship to Gaza
Wednesday, December 3,2008 01:53

Maan Bashour, a noted Lebanese activist and the head of the preparatory committee for the right of return forum held days ago in Syria, revealed that there are contacts underway to send a Lebanese ship loaded with food and medical aid to the Gaza Strip, describing the siege on Gaza as the blockade of enemy and friend.

In a press conference held in Beirut, Bashour underlined that the continued siege on the Gaza people represents a blot on the official Arab regimes which are passive either because of their complicity or their impotence with insistence on the closure of the Rafah border crossing.

The Lebanese activist hailed the good organization of the Arab international right of return forum held in Damascus as similar to the conference of Bandung held in Indonesia in 1955 which engendered the global movement of non-alignment.

The activist pointed out that huge pressures were made by the international Zionism throughout the world to prevent the forum from convening. He explained that the Zionists realized that the rehabilitation of the right of return as the essence of the Palestinian cause would frustrate all attempts and conspiracies which had been made over 60 years to obliterate this right.