European children donate Eid/Christmas gifts to Gaza children
European children donate Eid/Christmas gifts to Gaza children
Monday, December 8,2008 17:58
Children in the UK and France have been donating toys and other gifts for Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip to be presented to them on the occasions of Eid and Christmas.

The campaign was organised jointly by the UK based Justice for Gaza (JFG) and the French-Palestinian Friendship Society amidst calls on the Egyptian President to open the Rafah border for the donated gifts to be delivered to Gaza.

JFG has already tried to deliver, in August, donated medicines to the Gaza Strip when they sent a van loaded with medicines which passed through 12 European countries on it route to the Rafah crossing, but the van was stranded for a month at the Rafah crossing and the Egyptian authorities would not allow it in.

A truck carrying the donated gifts left London on Friday and arrived in Paris where it was received by a huge rally in support of Gaza children. It will continue on its route through Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania  Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and finally the besieged Gaza Strip.

JFG appealed to President Husni Mubarak to open the Rafah border crossing to allow the truck into the Gaza Strip.