Hussein Ibrahim: NDP MPs Obstruct Parliament’s HR Committee
Hussein Ibrahim: NDP MPs Obstruct Parliament’s HR Committee
Thursday, December 18,2008 14:37
By Mustafa Radwan

Vice-Chair of the MB Parliamentary Bloc Hussein Ibrahim confirmed in his statements to Ikhwanweb attempts of NDP MPs to prevent activation of the Human Rights Committee which he considered one of the most important and sensitive committees in the Parliament.

Ibrahim further called on the necessity that the committee carries out its duties of discussing all issues concerned with human rights pointing out that there are attempts to limit its duties to listening only without discussing the issues raised within the committee.  Ibrahim also warned against the continuance of the committee"s falling short on its duties threatening to report the matter to the Parliament"s General Committee.

Ibrahim affirmed that a proposal was made by the MB MPs suggesting withdrawal from the committee as a way of protesting against its falling short on its role but the MB MPs have not made their decision yet.  Ibrahim further referred to MB MPs intention to begin visiting the police stations of Giza as an execution of the decision which they succeeded in cancelling.

The situation of human rights in Egypt is deteriorating as a result of the escalation of violations on the part of the police against citizens, a matter which has prompted MB MPs to carry out several investigations regarding confronting these violations.