Egyptian Security Assault El-Behera Pro-Gaza Protest, 32 Women Injured
Egyptian Security Assault El-Behera Pro-Gaza Protest, 32 Women Injured
Saturday, January 3,2009 09:50

Egyptian security forces in El-Behera Governorate assaulted a pro-Gaza demonstration organized by the Muslim Brotherhood group the city of Dalangat on Saturday afternoon, Jan, 3rd, 2009. The security attack led to wounding 32 demonstrators (20 women and 12 Secondary Commercial School female students) .
The demonstration was organized to protest at the Israeli brutal assault against Gaza residents amid an international and regional silence towards the massacres committed against civilians.
Shortly before ending the demonstration, the demonstrators were stunned by the central security soldiers attacking them using clubs after the state security officer ordered  the central security unit"s chief to start this attack. 5 tear bombs were thrown on the demonstrators 3 of them were thrown inside the Secondary Commercial School for girls, leading to breathing problems for 12 female students plus 20 other females participating in the demonstration who were injured due to beating and due to tear gas.
Drawing 3000 persons to protest at the ongoing Zionist brutal assault on Gaza Strip, the demonstration started in front of Al-Hidaya mosque at the entrance of Dalangat.
In statements to Ikhwanweb, Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, a top Muslim Brotherhood group leader, labeled as "barbarity and crime" the security forces" assault on Dalangat demonstration. He spoke out against the Egyptian regime that " defends Israel more than even the Zionist entity"s self-defense." While the Egyptian regime offers nothing to help the Palestinians in Gaza , it does not allow others to even voice their anger, said Heshmat, stressing that these assaults will not block Muslim Brotherhood protests till the regime addresses the demand of the Egyptian national powers, of practicing pressure to stop the aggression and severing relations with the Zionist entity.
Heshamt raises his eyebrows at the actions of the Egyptian security forces that blocked and dispersed many demonstrations across Egypt in response to the call of the Muslim Brotherhood"s chairman of demonstrating to condemn the unfair aggression on Gaza Strip. The security forces blocked many of the demonstrations organized after the Friday Prayer on Jan, 2nd, 2009 specially in downtown Cairo , beating dozens and arresting hundreds of demonstrators including Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, the Muslim Brotherhood"s secretary general who was beaten and briefly detained and was released afterwards.