Morrocan, Iraqi MB Hold Arab League, EU, UN Responsible For Israeli War Crimes In Gaza
Morrocan, Iraqi MB Hold Arab League, EU, UN Responsible For Israeli War Crimes In Gaza
Tuesday, January 6,2009 14:22
By Asmaa Shehata

The Iraqi Islamic Party, or MB in Iraq, issued a statement holding the UN, EU, Arab League, and international organizations responsible for the Israeli violations and crimes in the continuing uneven war against the people of Gaza.

The party asserted in its statement that the weakness of the official international and Arab stances to take any step to protect Gaza and its people is triggering a wave of anger.  The party denounced the delay of the Arab summit and expressed its fear that all the people of Gaza will be killed before the Islamic and Arab world take any serious steps to end this war of extermination.

The party added that despite the worldwide demonstrations condemning the Israeli air assaults, the Israeli enemy continued and took its crimes one step further by moving on to its ground assaults.

The party further requested the Arab League, countries around the world, and international organizations to exert their best efforts in order to end the holocaust in Gaza, deter aggression, and subject Israel to international penalties considering the continuance of these assaults a threat not only to the region but the whole world.

The statement also denounced the stance of some of the first-world countries towards the Israeli war of extermination on the people of Gaza viewing it as a defensive war and questioning, "What is this kind of defense which sheds the blood of thousands of humans and innocent people?"

In Morocco, Mohamed Al-Hamdawy, President of the Unification and Reform Movement (MB in Morocco) sent a letter to the UN Secretary General calling on him to save the credibility of the UN authority from collapse, to take tangible and urgent steps for ending the Israeli violations against the people of Gaza, and work towards ending this "destructive war" against the unarmed people in Gaza.

Al-Hamdawy stressed that the UN"s failure to take on its duty to intervene to maintain peace and security on the Palestinian lands, to lift the oppressive siege, and end the Israeli war of extermination against the civilians and innocent, no doubt confirms that the voice of might and aggression has left no room for the voice of truth and law and that the world is going through a dangerous "moral crisis" which neither conventional laws nor legislations are any longer sufficient to resolve.

The statement of the Unifying and Reform movement came the day after national and political forces in Morocco organized a demonstration in which more than a million Moroccans toured the Moroccan capital, Rabat, chanting slogans condemning the brutal attacks on Gaza and supporting resistance.  Demonstrators also raised Palestinian flags as well as flags of the resistance movements in Palestine.