Massive Gaza Demonstration In Cairo Amid Tight Security Measures
Massive Gaza Demonstration In Cairo Amid Tight Security Measures
Saturday, January 17,2009 03:46

Thousands of demonstrators are expected to attend a massive protest called for by the Muslim Brotherhood and political forces to voice anger over the Israeli terrorist attacks on the Gaza strip and the Arab leaders" failure to take powerful stances against Israel.

The demonstration will start at 4 p.m. in front of Al-Fatah Mosque in Ramsis district in Cairo Saturday.

Eyewitnesses say the Ramsis Square is heavily cordoned by security forces since the early morning including tens of central security and prison trucks as well as hundreds of central security officers and police officers in civilian clothes.

Security police blocked a demonstration in the same place after Friday prayers two weeks ago and arrested tens of protesters including MB leaders and opposition activists. Individuals were prevented from entering the mosque except after showing their ID cards and most of them were denied access to the mosque except those who lived in the same area. Moreover, police cracked down on protesters using tear gas and sticks, beating and arresting hundreds.