MB Chair Welcomes Arab Reconciliation in Kuwait Summit
MB Chair Welcomes Arab Reconciliation in Kuwait Summit
Wednesday, January 21,2009 02:09


MB Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef welcomed the Arab reconciliation that took place in the Kuwait economic summit between the leaders describing it as "good and necessary at all times."

In press statements today, MB Chair pointed out that no one gains from Arab divisions besides the Israeli enemy and American domination.

Akef also affirmed that the fruits of reconciliation can"t be reaped except through the possession of a will of action and practical steps with timed schedules.

"This reconciliation is necessary for unifying the Arab stance and transferring it from the condition of weakness it is suffering to that which enables it to assume its role and responsibilities towards the big issues which are concerned with preserving the Arab nation"s unity and strength in facing the policies and conspiracies working towards bringing the Arab world backwards and dividing it," Akef said.

Akef added that this reconciliation that has occurred on the occasion of the Gaza war crisis must be directed towards supporting the firmness of the Palestinian people, especially the people of Gaza, and standing side by the side with the resistance and particularly against oppression and aggression, and holding the Israeli  enemy responsible for the costs of rebuilding Gaza since they were the ones responsible for this sinful aggression against it, and presenting Israeli war criminals before the international criminal courts.

Akef emphasized that this reconciliation must also be between the leaders and their people and lead to restoring their freedom and dignity as this will have a direct impact on Arab and Islamic renaissance as well as intellectual, economic, technical and social advancement of the Arab and Islamic nation.