721 out of 1700 MB Members Detained Due to Aggression on Gaza
721 out of 1700 MB Members Detained Due to Aggression on Gaza
Wednesday, January 21,2009 02:19
By Mostafa Radwan – Amr Elsayed


Egyptian Security Authorities have arrested nearly 1700 members of the MB since the beginning of the Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip 27th December, leaving around 6000 of dead and wounded. The number of MB members who had an arrest warrant issued against them by the Interior Ministry is around 721 from 19 different provinces.


 MB in Egypt has organized hundreds of demonstrations and marches since day one of the Zionist aggression on the blockaded Gaza Strip, where hundred thousands of Egyptians came to the demonstrations from different provinces as a response to the MB call. These demonstrations and events were subject to wide restrictions imposed by the Security begun by attempts to prevent these events, assaults on the demonstrators and arresting them.


In Cairo , the number of detainees reached around 89, 47 of them are detained in “Almarg” prison and the rest are detained in the “Agriculture”, “Natron”, “Burg Alarab” and “Almahkoum” prison.

As in Giza , the number of detainees has reached 73 detainees, 70 of them detained in “Almarg” prison.


In Qlayubeya province, 41 MB detainee are in “Almarg” prison, in Alexandria there are 55 detainees most of them are in “Natron” and “Burg Alarab” prison, and in Sharqeya province 106 were detained mostly in “Natron” prison.


From Gharbeya province there are 87 deteinees, most of them are in “Natron” prison, in Daqahleya the number of detainees reached 53, most of them are in “Burg Alarab”, in Behera province 55 were detained, 24 detainees from Alfayoum province 21 detainee from Bani Souef all are detainedin “ Natron Valley ”.

From Monofeya province 31 were detained, 18 of them are detained in “Burg Alarab”, 13 from Kafr Elsheikh mostly in “ Natron Valley ” and six detainees from Asyout, Port Said and Qena.


From Ismailia province 14  detained in “Almahkoum” prison, 33 from Damietta   in “Burg Alarab” and nine detainees from Matrouh province, all in “ Natron Valley ”.


The prison of “ Natron Valley ” has the largest number of MB detaienees, since it has 246 detainee, followed by “Almarg” prison with 151 detainee then “Burg Alarab” with 136 detainee and the rest are divided between the other prisons.


Despite the large numbers of detainees and the end of the aggression on Gaza Strip following a cease-fire, the MB has organized many demonstrations celebrating the victory of the Palestinian resistance. Dr. Mohamed Habib (Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman) has stressed the continuity of these events in Egypt as a mean of supporting our brothers in Gaza Strip after the brutal Zionist aggression, in addition to supporting them by all means.