Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Calls for Confronting Possible Zionist Aggression on Gaza
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Calls for Confronting Possible Zionist Aggression on Gaza
Wednesday, February 4,2009 08:01
By Mostafa Radwan

Muslim Brotherhood chairman on Wednesday Feb, 4th, called on Egyptian, Arab and Muslim people and freemen all over the world to confront a possible Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Mahdi Akef said that the continuous Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip- through military hostilities and disproportionate use of force- comes as leaders of the Zionist entity brace for Knesset elections, scheduled Feb, 10th. He condemned that reaching power in the Zionist entity comes on dead bodies of children, presaging a new Palestinians massacre.

"The Palestinian cause is mainly about a racial Zionist occupation of Palestinian lands for tens of years", said Akef, adding that the Zionists committed criminal massacres against the Palestinians and deported and expelled them from their homes, turning them to homeless refugees.
"The Zionists violated the truce agreement with Hamas 195 times in six months, and tightened their suffocating blockade on Gaza Strip residents in the past year", he said. "When they failed in realizing their targets through the blockade, they launched their savage military aggression on the Strip to break their will".

Akef raised his eyebrows at the international organizations and regimes that were heated up due to one single captured soldier while there are 11 thousand Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons. These prisoners include ministers, MPs and the Palestinian Parliament speaker himself in addition women and children.

Akef also lashed out at moving fleets just to stop smuggling primitive weapons that resistance- real owners of the lands- use to fight the unjust occupation while these fleets provide the Zionist attackers with the latest and most deadly weapon so that the occupation continues killing and destruction.

He stressed- in his call to Arab and Muslim people- that the Palestinian cause is just, demanding Arab and Muslim rulers to back resistance which defends our lands and sanctuaries. He warned that failing resistance may turn our sons and grandsons to refugees and slaves under Zionist gangs.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader praised the role of resistance. He also called for immediately lifting the unjust blockade, specially as houses have been demolished and thousands are shelterless. Akef also called for opening crossings and not to politically blackmail these victims through linking the file of rescue, support and reconstruction with other political files.

Mohamed Mahdi Akef demanded urgent worldwide events and activities be taken next Friday to warn the Zionists against fulfilling their criminal threats.