Egyptian Regime Planning to Subject Fatwa Law According to its Political Moods
Egyptian Regime Planning to Subject Fatwa Law According to its Political Moods
Saturday, February 7,2009 09:39
By Mostafa Radwan

Sheikh Sayed Askar (Former Secretary General of the Islamic Research Academy- Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc)has stated in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb that what had been said about the new Fatwa law - which hadn’t been submitted to the parliamentary yet-  aims at subjecting the Fatwa to the political wishes of the President and his ruling party as it has subjected mosques and worship places to the State Security. He also added that this aims at keeping people silent.
He explained that this cannot be passed according to Islamic Law “sharia” which gives any Islamic scientist, who obtained the necessary education which permits him to give advisory without restrictions unless it was proven that he gives wrong or false advisories or has a manor defect.
Askar pointed out that the problem of e- satellite chaos regarding Fatw has a law but they don’t want to apply it , since the law gave the Islamic Research Academy the right to give advisory in important issues not in minor issues which can be answered by any Islamic scholar.
He accused the regime of wanting to change the “Exception Rule”. It has been said that the new Fatwa law, which is expected to be submitted to the parliament in the next few days, would berestricted to Azharians or whose who have a licence only.
This has been widely rejected by a big segment of Islamic clerics.
Fatwa is a religious decree in islam issued by scholars in Islamic law who have specific qualities.
Giving advisory is a great thing in Islam, responsibility wise.
Issuing an advisory usually takes place when a clear and explicit answer, agreed on by most Muslims, lacks. Fatwa is issued in matters of the Islamic jurisprudence which relates to a doubted issue with has political, social, economic or religious dimensions.
The “Mofti” is the person who issues a “Fatwa”.
In Islam there is no single central authority to issue Fatwa, and the issuance of a specific Fatwa does not necessarily apply to all Muslims.