UNDP survey: 600,000 tons of hazardous rubble need to be removed in Gaza
UNDP survey: 600,000 tons of hazardous rubble need to be removed in Gaza
Wednesday, February 11,2009 13:36

An initial survey conducted by the UNDP estimated that more than 14,000 homes, 68 government buildings and 31 non-governmental facilities in the Gaza Strip had been totally or partially damaged. As a result, the survey found that 600,000 tons of hazardous rubble must be removed.

"This is a top priority," said Jens Toyberg-Frandzen, the UNDP special representative in the occupied Palestinian lands. "The rubble is mixed with poisonous harmful materials and may include unexploded ordnance. It needs to be urgently removed to protect the lives of Palestinians in Gaza and to facilitate immediate access to basic humanitarian and social services."

Rubble removal was included in the UN recovery plan issued on Monday, according to which, the UNDP appealed for $26,750,000 in order to be able only to clear rubble, demolish and clean up sites of damaged buildings, and identify and remove unexploded ordnance throughout Gaza. This project will also generate 200,000 workdays for unemployed Gazans.

The UN appeal also outlined the needs arising from the Israeli war on Gaza and requested other urgent funds to restore basic social services and public utilities such as water, health, education, food, and emergency repairs of critical infrastructure.