Lebanese committee calls for sending peaceful fleet to break the siege on Gaza
Lebanese committee calls for sending peaceful fleet to break the siege on Gaza
Saturday, February 14,2009 22:57

The Lebanese national committee to break the siege on Gaza has called on all freedom loving peoples in the world to send a unified "peace fleet" to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The committee in a statement on Friday said that it was ready to provide all its potentials along with those of the Free Gaza movement, which coordinates with it to lift the siege on Gaza, before all those who wish to contribute to that fleet.

It said that the siege would not be lifted until all parties contributing to that siege sensed that the political, legal and media cost of such a siege was very "expensive".

The committee said that ships joining that fleet should set sail at a specific agreed upon date to display Arab, Islamic and international solidarity with the besieged people of Gaza and to expose Israel"s aggressive nature and its "racist, terrorist mentality".

Meanwhile, Egypt continued to close the Rafah border terminal with the Strip for the tenth consecutive day after opening it before foreign delegations and humanitarian cases during and after the Israeli war on Gaza.

The Palestinian crossings and border department said in a statement that hundreds of Palestinians are stranded in Gaza, explaining that they comprise patients and holders of residences in other countries.

It said that 800 patients, 500 humanitarian cases and 500 holders of residences were waiting for the opening of the border terminal.