Anti-Corruption Fight Continues Even After Defeat
Anti-Corruption Fight Continues Even After Defeat
Sunday, February 15,2009 22:20
By Basma Omar

The Judicial Independence Movement will continue fighting against corruption and will continue reformation process despite the defeat the movement faced in the latest Judges’ Club elections, said a top reformist judge.

Judge Mahmoud Makki, a prominent leader of Judicial Independence Movement, said to Ikhwanweb, that the Judicial Independence Movement will continue fighting corruption, and will continue reforming young judges despite the defeat that the movement faced in the latest Judges’ Club elections.

"Reformists have won elections in the Judges’ club for only a few times in the Egyptian judicial history", said Makki, adding that in spite of this, free voices calling for reform have continued unabated calling for the independence of the judiciary. Names of the reformist judges are engraved in history.

"The call for reforming the jdiciary is part of our faith" he added, "While the Club’s board is now under control of government supporters, it is still open for all judges who call for human rights and freedom. We will continue holding the same meetings and sessions under the title of individuals and groups instead of being under the banner of the Club’s board. we will continue making judges, specially young judges, aware of the duties, role and message of the judge to prepare for the next elections" he said.

Makki stressed that the executive authority has managed to rally the judges to attend and vote for Ahmed Al-Zend and his slate. It exploited provincial clubs and made use of their rows with Egyptian Judges’ Club. Inspite of all these schemes to make Geneinah and his slate fail and in spite of the schemes against the Judicial Independence movement, the 2000 reformist judges suffered a lot of false claims and insults and dismissed all attempts to force them give up their principles.

When asked about the Judicial Indepence Movement’s role in fighting corruption, judge Makki said that, in dealing with the government, the Judicial Independence Movement was restricted by its position as head of the Judges Club. As for now, there are no fetters and it will fiercely attack when necessary.

As for the Judicial Independence Movement’s attitude towards Judge Al-Zend, Makki said that Al-Zend’s election platform included adopting judges’ demands for amending the law of Judicial Authority, making judicial inspection under authority of the Supreme Judicial Council, allowing the Judges’ Club independence of the Ministry of Social Affairs and turning it to an independent body.

"We will closely follow up the promises that were given in these elections and until those promises are fulfilled, there will be a strong stance", said Makki adding that these demands can’t be attained without the support of the Judicial Independence Movement. Makki stressed that future stances and positions will depend, mainly, on the the Club’s board policy in addressing the judges rights and demands.