British police arrest nine people trying to join Galloway aid convoy to Gaza
British police arrest nine people trying to join Galloway aid convoy to Gaza
Monday, February 16,2009 13:58

British police arrested Friday night nine men traveling on a highway thought to be intending to leave Britain as part of a £1,000,000 aid convoy to the besieged Gaza Strip, which was organized by MP George Galloway, the head of the Viva Palestina charity.

According to British news reports, the vans boarded by the nine men bore an image of the Palestinian flag on its side and other signs reading "Stop killing children, free Palestine".

The police of Lancashire county, northwest of Britain, said that it released six men while the load of the vehicles were impounded for a thorough examination by inspection officers who work as quickly as they could to secure the release of the vans to pursue their travel, according to the police report.

The spokesman for Viva Palestina stated that without the names of those arrested and their vehicles" registration numbers, it would be impossible to say whether the men detained by the police were part of the official convoy.

More than 100 donated vehicles and 200 volunteers are participating in this convoy organized by British lawmaker Galloway who is known for his support of Arab causes.

The effort which is named "Lifeline for Gaza" is supported by many communities and organizations across Britain including the stop the war coalition, the respect party, the Anglo-Arab organization, several British trade unions and a large number of Islamic organizations.

MP Galloway and journalist Yvonne Ridley will lead the convoy from London across France and Spain then North Africa to enter Gaza via the Rafah crossing.

The convoy, made up of over 100 vehicles, had started Saturday its journey from the Manchester plaza near the Big Ben clock tower in London, and then boarded ferries from Ramsgate town.

In the same context, the lifeline for Gaza convoy has reportedly reached the French city of Bordeaux and is expected to arrive Monday evening in Spain.