Al Baradie’s Call to the Government to Engage MB
Al Baradie’s Call to the Government to Engage MB
Tuesday, February 17,2009 01:48
By Basma Omar

‘Egyptian government should listen carefully to the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, General’s Director call for engaging the Muslim Brotherhood’, says top Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Dr. Essam El-Erian, a prominet figure in MB, said to Ikhwanweb that Egyptian government should carefully listen to Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei’s call, general director of IAEA of empowring and engaging the Muslim Brotherhood and all political powers in the political life.

Al-`Erian lauded Mohamed Elbaradei and his call saying:" This initiative comes from a wise man who has gained an international political weight. He isn’t a member of any party and he is not part of any political opposition. He is only seeking the welfare and a good political reputation for his country".

He also described Al-Baradie’s call as a call from a man who is proud to be Egyptian, who calls for sound leadership that is based on a true participation in Egypt’s development.

In the renowned talk show, "At 10.00 PM", Mohamed Elbaradei said that the political situation in Egypt continues to spiral downward. He called for drafting a constitution that limits the number of presidential terms, and gives all segments of the political life, including the Muslim Brothhood, to take part in the political process.

Elbaradei also called for applying wise governance policy which is based on planning, engaging people, respecting law, judicial freedom, providing real economic opportunities that may contrbute to society’s develpment and eradicating poverty, so that Egypt can keep up with the global development and put a halt to downgrading state of affairs.