Egyptian opposition welcomes Nour’s release
Egyptian opposition welcomes Nour’s release
Friday, February 20,2009 08:21
By Monsters and

Egypt"s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, said on Thursday that it welcomed the release of secular opposition politician Ayman Nour and his return to politics.

"Welcome back to political life. Everyone knows that your are fighting for a political cause and that the regime was careful not to let anyone stand out on the map of Egyptian political life or run for the presidency," said Mohammed Habib, deputy supreme guide of the banned group.

Nour, the founder of Egypt"s liberal al-Ghad (Tomorrow) party, was released on Wednesday because his health was failing in prison. Shortly after Nour ran against President Hosni Mubarak in the 2005 presidential elections, a Cairo court sentenced him to four years in prison on charges that he had forged signatures in his application to register his party.

The senior Brotherhood leader also took the opportunity to call for the release of other prisoners he said were being held on political grounds following unfair trials.