Hamas slams amnesty for equating between criminal and victim
Hamas slams amnesty for equating between criminal and victim
Monday, February 23,2009 10:22

The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the organization of amnesty international for demanding the UN to impose a ban on sending weapons to the Palestinian resistance factions, saying that this demand is unbalanced and unfair because it equates the criminal with the victim.

In a press statement, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum underlined that there is no single country exporting arms to the Movement, while weapons are being exported to Israel in abundance from powerful countries and arms deals are publicly concluded with Israel by these countries.

Barhoum added that Israel uses its deadly weapons of mass destruction against the Palestinian people who in turn use simple weapons only to defend themselves as a legitimate right guaranteed by all international laws

The spokesman expressed his Movement"s concern that the statement of AI could mislead the public opinion and be used as a pretext by Israel to escalate its aggression and siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

He urged AI to reconsider its unbalanced stands which lay the blame unjustly on the Palestinian people.

Barhoum noted that this international organization was supposed to contribute to gathering evidence for the prosecution of Israeli war criminals as many international organizations and parties do instead of equating between the criminal and its victim.