Rebuilding Relations with the Muslim World
Rebuilding Relations with the Muslim World
Wednesday, February 25,2009 04:15

Robert Creamer at The Huffington Post identifies five key issues Obama should focus on in an attempt to “defuse Muslim anti-Americanism and prevent growth in the population of politically radicalized Muslims.”

1. Communicate respect for Muslim culture
2. Withdraw from Iraq
3. Actively address the Israel-Palestine conflict and the conflict over Kashmir
4. Focus on economic recovery and development, as the instability stemming from economic dislocation is especially dangerous to U.S. security
5. Stabilize Afghanistan and tribal areas of northwest Pakistan

Citing Gallup’s World Poll, he argues Muslim sentiment toward the West is proof that Bush had it wrong. Negative attitudes toward the U.S. were not a result of hatred over the American way of life, but a result of U.S. foreign policy and what was seen to be the occupation of Muslim lands. In reversing course, he explains that Obama must execute a “plan that sets clear, achievable security and economic development goals…[and] will require the close cooperation and involvement of our NATO allies, the Pakistani and Afghan leaderships - and Afghanistan’s neighbor, Iran.”