A Series Production on the Life of MB Founder within a Year
A Series Production on the Life of MB Founder within a Year
Saturday, March 7,2009 05:45
By Mostafa Radwan

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MP Mohsen Radi announced that the screenplay of a 30-episode series addressing the life of Imam Hasan El-Banna (Founder of the MB movement) was almost finished.
Radi emphasized that the series will be ready for production in two months clarifying that efforts currently directed towards producing a series instead of a film are for two reasons.   First, the cost of a film production is three times more than that of a series production.  In addition, there are only three people in control of the theatres, so it would be easy for security to pressure them not to present the film.”  On the other hand, Radi pointed out that he had seen positive signs that TV channels will be presenting the series as soon as its production is complete.
Radi explained that the scenario will be reviewed and modified and that there will be no censorship on it after its completion.  Radi also pointed out that the production of the series will be at his personal expense and that immediately after announcing the initiation of the production phase, it will be open to contributions from any companies who would like to share in its production.
As for the scenarist Wahid Hamed’s announcing his writing of a screenplay on the life of El-Banna in which he holds the MB responsible for the political assassinations during the 40s of the last decade, Radi commented that Hamed is attempting to hide the truth and warned him of venturing with El-Banna’s history.
“And if he is serious about writing a screenplay on the life of the MB founder, then he must listen to MB affiliates who had witnessed El-Banna if he doesn’t want to biased and serve the government’s interests,” Radi added.