Egyptian Authorities Release 11 More Sharqiya MB Detainees
Monday, April 2,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

The Egyptian regime released on Saturday evening more Muslim Brotherhood detainees after South Cairo Court acquitted them last.
The Egyptian authorities released on Saturday evening March, 31, 2007, 11 other Muslim Brotherhood detainees from Sharqiya after South Cairo Court acquitted them on Wednesday, March, 28, 2007.
These MB detainees were jailed in Wadi Al-Natrun and Burj Al-Arab prisons:
Abdullah Al Bahrawi, a board member of the bar association council in Sharqiya
Hassan Othman Mostafa, French language teacher
Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani, manager of legal affairs at the Education Administration
Hamdi Abdul Hadi Iraqi, ophthalmologist
Mohamed Abdul Rahim Habib, lawyer
Mohamed Gouda Ahmed Ibrahim, businessman
Maher Abdul Latif Mohamed, employee at a contracting company
Abdullah Mohamed Hassan Al Zahawi
Mohamed Mohamed Ezzat Ahmed
Mohamed Lotfi Mohamed Ahmed
Gamal Mohamed Salem Khalil .
The Egyptian authorities released last Thursday evening doctor Mohamed Abdul Ghani, an ophthalmologist at the Zagazig University hospitals and a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Sharqiya, for health reasons after he was jailed for 86 days. He was detained along with 17 MB leaders on the fourth day of last Adha Feast; five of them were released last Friday at dawn .
For his part, Dr. Mohamed Mursi, a Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau member and a leader in Sharqiya, said that this step is on the right track and confirms that these cases are politically motivated .
Mursi called for releasing all political detainees .

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