Egyptian Security Kidnaps Former Sharqiyya MP Candidate
Egyptian Security Kidnaps Former Sharqiyya MP Candidate
Tuesday, March 10,2009 04:53
By Basma Omar

At Sunday noon, March 8, state security forces kidnapped 52-year-old El-Sayyid El-Bor’i, Head of the Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit in Ibrahimiyya and MB figure in the Ibrahimiyya Center from the headquarters of his work for unknown reasons.
Bor’i was among the 13 MB candidates in Sharqiyya for the 2005 Parliament elections nominated by the MB as a blue-collar candidate for the Ibrahimiyya constituency of Sharqiyya.  He has seven children, four girls and three boys, and resides in Kafur Negm.
Worthy mentioning is that Bori’s whereabouts, until now, are unknown despite 36 hours passing after his kidnap. 
“The reasons behind the detainment of El-Sayyid El-Bor’i remain unknown, only that it came within the context of the security campaign launched against MB leaders and figures in Sharqiyya through which the number of detainees since the beginning of the current year have reached 148 from Sharqiyya alone,” a legal source pointed out.
Bori’s detainment comes after the security escalation against the MB in which 20 MB leaders and figures were detained on March 3 in addition to a hundred others because of the pro-Gaza demonstrations.