MP Hold Ministry of Finance and Responsible for Riots
MP Hold Ministry of Finance and Responsible for Riots
Wednesday, March 11,2009 01:53

Dr. Farid Ismail, member of MB Parliamentary bloc, accused the ministry of finance as well as the ministry of education of being the reason behind the current crisis from which Egyptian citizens suffer and also the recent demonstrations and strikes as he, dr. Farid, requested apprehension from the Minister of Finance and Minister of Education. He also held Dr. Ahmad Nazif, Prime Minister of the Egyptian government, responsible for the crisis.
Ismail stated in the request he submitted to the Parliament that the Ministry of Finance is associated with crisis of the pharmacists and of the labours.
Ministry of Education also adopted the same approach and dealt with the crisis of administrators in a way that led to a deadlock.
The deputy questioned the PM and Minister of Finance when the government withdrew two billion dollars of cash reserves in less than three months, despite the risks facing the Egyptian economy because of the global financial crisis and the decline in reserves from 35 billion dollars to 33 billion dollars over three months only, in addition to the depreciation of the Egyptian pound.