Large Scale MB Members Arrests In Kafr El-Sheikh, Alexandria
Large Scale MB Members Arrests In Kafr El-Sheikh, Alexandria
Thursday, March 19,2009 03:38
By Mostafa Radwan & Basma Omar

In a continuance of the security escalation against the MB, security forces launched a large-scale campaign of house raids against MB figures in Alexandria Thursday eve, March 19, raiding 11 houses and arresting two people as many of them had been absent at the time of the raids.  The two MB members that were arrested were MB leader and former 2005 MP candidate Dr. Tawakkul Mas’ud and Ismail Mohamed. 
"An arrest warrant had been issued against the detainees since the Gaza demonstrations but the security apparatus only executed the decision this morning,"  Alexandria MB Lawyer Khalaf Bayyoumy said in a statement to Ikhwanweb.
Similarly, security forces kidnapped three MB figures from Kafr El-Sheikh: MB leader and MB candidate in the last municipal elections Dr. Munir Hammuda, Abduh El-Banna, and Fathy Darweesh.
It is worth mentioning that throughout March the security campaign against MB leaders and members has escalated as 20 MB leaders from different governorates were arrested earlier this month and the same took place with 17 MB members from Menoufiyya couple days ago, in addition to the hundreds detained since the Gaza demonstrations against the Israeli attrocities.