Egypt will Arise
Egypt will Arise
Thursday, March 19,2009 20:55
By Muhammad Mahdy Akef

Praise is due to Allah and May Allah’s peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad.
Egypt is a place where history is being made and the cradle for many civilizations, it participated in the formation of history in all fields, religiously, scientifically, politically and economically in a way that affected Egypt’s role to be pivotal one.
Egypt is the gate where Islam entered Africa through manners of Muslims; Egypt was the frontline against Moguls, Crusades and colonization attempts in the modern history.
Egypt is the Target
It is true that Egypt is part of the Muslim world and whoever understands Egypt’s religious, political, economic and social nature would soon realize why the colonization attempts targeted Egypt in the first place, and it is because they realized that Arabs would be weak if Egypt was weak, that’s the reason why Egypt had been suffering from debts, military basis and support of the dictatorship ruling, socially through promoting all acts of social breakdown, religiously through promoting misconceptions about religion and spreading fitnah through media outlets and calls for westernization.
Not only this but also Egypt’s ties with its neighboring countries, Sudan and Gaza had been cut to exclude Egypt from the Arab and Islamic equation, therefore we can conclude that Ummah’s strength lays in Egypt’s strength and Egypt’s strength lays in its holding on to its identity and values.
If Egypt’s role was not limited through Camp David’s treaty and other treaties, then Israel wouldn’t have had the chance to occupy Lebanon and Palestine, the US wouldn’t have had a chance to attack Iraq and Sudan wouldn’t have been in the current status. That’s why Egypt’s leadership should really be concerned with the whole Ummah’s best interest in order to gain back its previouse pivotal role.
What Egypt suffers from now from interference in decision making, military threats and international aid cuts threats are nothing but a colonial project aiming at controlling Egypt and hence controlling the whole Muslim Ummah.
London’s conference was another episode of the series of double standards show that the west plays in front of the whole world when the western countries were asking to stop arms smuggling where Palestinians defend themselves, their land and their dignity against a tyrannical enemy that owns all advanced weapons and arms, the whole world that watched thousands of Palestinian kids, women and men being slaughtered in the most inhuman way.
Egypt’s Strength is the Solution
What is taking place in Palestine and Egypt shows the attack on the whole Ummah and therefore the battle against dictatorship and the fight for freedom is the only way out. The enemy knows the history very well that is why they fight the only power that holds on to their religion and values to stop corruption and colonization, Muslim Brotherhood is considered a moral and religious foundation and social project that is taking Islam as a guidance.
What the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance achieved in fighting against the Zionist enemy and what the Muslim Brotherhood and national forces fight against corruption and bringing about reformation is what was on the Brotherhood’s agenda since it was founded by Hasan Al-Banna (May the mercy of Allah be upon him ) and until now. Therefore we say any attempt to push MB out of the Egyptian participation formula it means pushing Egypt off the Arab and Islamic forefront.
Last but not least, we will keep working for the best of the country, nation and the whole Ummah no matter what are the difficulties and the obstacles we face, as we follow Allah’s words in the Glorious Qur’an.
“Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah: so of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of them is he who yet waits, and they have not changed in the least” (Al-Ahzab:23)
All praise is due to Allah, and May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon His prophet and his family and companions.
Muslim Brotherhood’s Message
Muhammad Mahdy Akef
Cairo 22 Rabi` Al-Awal 1430/ 19 March 2009